Tips for Chosing the Right Major in College

Choosing a college major is one of the most important choices that you will make. The major you choose will affect you for the rest of your life. It will determine the type of the work that you do, and which doors will be open to you upon graduation. It is important to carefully make this decision, and to consider both your career outlook as well as your personal interests when you make the decision. Additionally, you may want to consider the type of lifestyle you want to have as an adult; a high powered career will bring you a lot of money, but may also take up a great deal of your time.

Choosing a Major Based on Career Aspects

When you are determining your college major, you should consider the different career options that are available upon graduation. For some majors, the applications are obvious. For example, if you pursue a degree in nursing, you will be a nurse. However, if you major in English or Humanities, your career options will not be as straightforward when you graduate. Many people who choose these majors work as writers, teachers and in various other fields, or they go on to get a secondary degree. According to the College Board, the career fields with the most predicted openings in 2018 are education, medicine and accountants. If you are looking for job stability, these are good options to consider.

Considering Earning Potential

Another important factor to consider is how much earning potential your chosen career and major has. Traditionally, the science professions or engineering professions will earn more than people working in education or humanities. You will need to factor in how much you want to earn, and then consider your major based on finding a career that will give you the earning potential to live comfortably. Many people change jobs and even career fields over time. In addition to considering earning potential, you may want to choose a major that lends itself to several different career options, so you have the opportunity to apply for a wider range of career options.

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Finding a Career and Major You Will Enjoy

It is important that you choose a career and major that will interest you. You should choose a major and a field that you will enjoy working in. Ask yourself if you enjoy helping people, or traveling, and then prioritize the things that are most important to you. Additionally, you should look at the hours you will be expected to work and determine if that will work with your lifestyle and family goals. For example, many people choose to become teachers so they can spend the summers with their children. Other people choose to work in sales because they enjoy traveling and meeting new people. Your major and career should be something you will enjoy doing over several years.

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