A Writer’s Guide to College Entrance Essays

The college admission essay is one of the most important writing types students will construct. Keep in mind that those applying to multiple colleges may write several admission or entrance essays. Students have a lot invested in their application essays; therefore, much time should be devoted to the writing process. Schedule writing time and make certain you dedicate enough time for each essay. It may be best to dedicate one week of writing per essay. Make certain you understand what the college is looking for in the essay and include all relevant information. Though admission essays may be viewed as stressful, you can effectively reduce the amount of stress or anxiety associated with the writing process through preparation.

What do Colleges typically look for in Application Essays?

Each school may have their own instructions for writing the admission essay. Make certain to follow each school’s directions and include all information pertinent to the type of essay you are writing. For many educational facilities, the personal statement is one of the most important aspects of the application essay. Include a comprehensive, well-written personal statement. What colleges are looking for specifically, however, will be that applicants follow the instructions given them. Follow the instructions completely especially in the area of formatting the paper. Read through the directions numerous times and ensure that you do everything exactly as requested.

What Steps should be taken in Preparation for Writing the Essay?

Preparation is key to writing a successful admissions essay. Ensure that you are in the best frame of mind before writing. Avoid hunger and make certain that you are rested. Write in a quiet area where you will have the greatest level of concentration. Do not try to sound more sophisticated than you are and make certain your application is a true reflection of your achievements and accomplishments. Use your own vocabulary and avoid writing your essay with the assistance of a thesaurus to avoid using words in the wrong way. Be prepared to rewrite your essay. When you think it is finished, read it aloud into a tape recorder. Play the audio back. This can help identify any grammatical errors that may be difficult to notice by reading alone.

What should be Included in an Entrance Essay?

The most important information to include in your entrance essay is that requested by the school. Following directions is imperative to having a finished essay that is well received by school administrators. In addition to a personal statement, make certain your essay has a theme or thesis. Above all else, your essay should be a true reflection of your personality and character. Choose a topic that is closest to your heart and write honestly and with a purpose.

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