Arkansas College Grants

For residents of Arkansas or those attending college in Arkansas, there are a variety of scholarships and grants available to students attending institutions of higher learning. Many of the Arkansas college grants cover a diverse range of categories and criteria that are designed to meet the needs of many groups of students and residents of Arkansas.

Academic Challenge Scholarship

The Academic Challenge Scholarship is partially funded by the Arkansas Scholarship Lottery to provide funds for Arkansas residents pursuing degrees in higher education. The awards are available to students regardless of their academic status and can go to high school graduates, current college students or those reentering college after an extended absence from college.

The award amounts range from $2,250 for a two-year institution to $4,500 for a four-year college. Other information and eligibility criteria can be found on the Arkansas Department of Higher Education website at

Higher Education Opportunities Grant (GO! Opportunities Grant)

The Higher Education Opportunities Grant program is designated for students that meet the criteria for financial need. Students must be residents of Arkansas for at least 12 months prior to submitting an application and they must attend an approved Arkansas institution.

Grants are provided in the amounts of $1,000 for full-time students and $500 for part-time students. Financial need is based on the maximum adjusted gross income for a family that ranges from $25,000 per year up to $75,000 per year depending upon the number of family members. More information and other eligibility criteria can be obtained at

Arkansas Geographical Critical Needs Minority Teacher Scholarship

The Arkansas Geographical Critical Needs Minority Teacher Scholarship is a scholarship program established to bring minority teachers to the Delta area of Arkansas and other areas of the state where there are critical shortages of teachers.

The program provides scholarships to students pursuing an education degree who will agree to teach in these critical geographic areas of the state. An annual scholarship ranging up to $1,500 is available for students studying in an education program. Interested applicants can contact the University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff which administers the program.

Arkansas AmeriCorps Future Teacher Initiative

The Arkansas AmeriCorps Future Teacher Initiative provides education awards up to $2,362 per year for those pursuing a bachelor’s degree in education. Candidates should work part-time as a school district employee.

This program is designed to encourage students to pursue teaching in Arkansas to address the teacher shortage in the state. A living allowance is also available that provides as much as $7,200 per year. Interested applicants should contact the Southeast Arkansas Education Services Cooperative at

Arkansas Health Education Grant (ARHEG)

Arkansas students interested in pursuing degrees in chiropractic medicine, dentistry, osteopathic medicine, podiatric medicine optometry and veterinary medicine can receive the Arkansas Health Education Grants.

Students are allowed to attend selected out-of-state colleges that offer accredited health and medical professional programs that cannot be found in Arkansas. The schools must have an agreement with the Southern Regional Education (SREB) and the selected academic program is given a priority by the Arkansas Higher Education Coordinating Board (AHECB).

The amount of grants varies depending on the program and will cover most of the tuition for that particular program. Students must be certified as Arkansas residents, and the process to apply for the program can be found at

Governor’s Scholars

The Governor Scholars program rewards Arkansas students with high academic achievement, outstanding leadership qualities and top test scores. The program has two types of awards: The Governor’s Distinguished Scholarships and the Governor’s Scholarship.

The Governor’s Distinguished Scholarships provides scholarships for those with at least a 3.50 grade point average and scores above 32 on the ACT or 1410 on the SAT. National Merit Finalists or National Achievement Scholars also meet the criteria to receive the Governor’s Distinguished Scholarships.

Up to $10,000 per year is awarded to cover tuition, required fees, room and board. Only 300 of these scholarships are awarded each year and those that don’t meet the cutoff can receive the Governor’s Scholarship.

The Governor’s Scholarship is available for those that don’t meet the Distinguished Scholarship guidelines. This award pays up to $4,000 per year. Students are selected from criteria that include ACT or SAT score, grade point average, class rank and leadership.

Neither of these awards requires a FAFSA in order for one to be eligible since the awards are not based on financial need. More information can be found at

Law Enforcement Officers’ Dependents Scholarship Program

This scholarship program benefits the surviving dependents and spouses of Arkansas law enforcement officers that were killed or received a permanent disability while working in the line of duty. It also applies to the dependents and spouses of certain Transportation department and public employees who were also killed while on duty. For more information, go to

Military Dependents Scholarship Program (MDS)

Designated for the dependents and spouses of military personnel that were killed in action, are missing in action or are permanently disabled, the Military Dependents Scholarship Program provides full coverage of tuition, mandatory fees, and room and board for Arkansas residents.

The scholarship covers the amount of unpaid tuition that is not provided by the Dependents Education Assistance or Chapter 35 benefits. More information is available on the website at

Student Loan Program – Nurse Educator Loan/RN/LPN Loan

The Arkansas State Board of Nursing funds the Student Loan Program – Nurse Educator Loan/RN/LPN Loan for candidates pursuing a course of study in nursing to ultimately become an LPN, RN or nurse educator.

While it is a loan program, the loans are forgiven once the recipient fulfills the full-time teaching requirement in a nursing education program at a location within Arkansas. Each year of the loan is fully forgiven for each year of teaching in a nursing education program.

Applicants must be residents of Arkansas, show financial need by submitting a FAFSA, intend to teach in a nursing program in Arkansas and meet Arkansas nepotism policies. Additional information is available here.

Second Effort Scholarship

The Second Effort Scholarship is designated to provide incentives to those completing their GED and wishing to attend institutions of higher education. The scholarship is awarded to the students receiving the top 10 scores on the Arkansas High School Diploma GED exam. The scholarship amounts range up to $1,000 per year or the cost of tuition.

Application is not necessary since it is awarded to ten highest scores during the previous calendar year. Those eligible must be at least 18 and not high school graduates. Once the recipient is selected, an application is then completed. More information can be obtained at this link.

Minority Teachers Scholars Program (MTSP)

Targeted towards minority students in an undergraduate program pursuing an initial teacher license, MTSP offers forgivable loans in the amount of $5,000 per year. The maximum lifetime award is $10,000. The minority groups designated are African American, Asian American, Native American, and Hispanic students.

Candidates have specific time periods ranging up to the time needed to meet their license requirements that they can receive the MTSP loans. To have the loan forgiven, the awardee is required to teach in Arkansas public schools for a period of five years. Certain Arkansas counties have critical shortages of teachers and if a recipient teaches in one of those counties, their loan will be forgiven in three years.

Those teaching in a subject area that has a critical shortage of teachers and minority males teaching in elementary schools may also have the loan forgiven in three years. For more information, visit the MTSP fact sheet at

State Teacher Education Program (STEP)

The STEP is another loan forgiveness program aimed at meeting the critical shortage of teachers in certain areas of Arkansas. Loan repayments of federal student loans are offered to recipients that teach in a critical geographical area of Arkansas or teach a subject that has a critical need for teachers.

As much as $3,000 per year can be repaid for each year of teaching. Minority teachers can receive an additional $1,000 repayment in the critical geographical and subject areas.

Recipients must be Arkansas residents, have graduated from an education program after April 2004, have outstanding federal student loans, possess a valid Arkansas teacher’s license and teach full-time at public school in Arkansas. Additional information is available at the STEP fact sheet at

Student Undergraduate Research Fellowship (SURF) Program

The Student Undergraduate Research Fellowship (SURF) Program provides funds for undergraduate students to conduct research projects in their fields of study. It covers all academic disciplines and the full gamut of research projects.

To apply, candidates must have at least a 3.25 GPA, faculty recommendation and at least 30 hours of credit toward a degree. For further information regarding the application process and eligible research projects, visit

Teacher Opportunity Program (TOP)

The Teacher Opportunity Program gives current Arkansas teachers and administrators that wish to further their education access to grants to achieve their goal. The grants, which may not exceed $3,000, can be used for expenses for up to six college credit hours during an academic year.

First priority for the grants is given to teachers pursuing an additional license in the shortage areas identified by the Arkansas Department of Education. More information and eligibility requirements can be found here.

Washington Center Scholarship

The Washington Center Scholarship program offers scholarships for Arkansas students accepted to Washington Center for Internships and Academic Seminars held in the nation’s capital. The Washington Center is a nonprofit organization that serves numerous colleges and universities around the nation providing leadership, civic, and governmental opportunities for the participants.

The awards range up to $6,000 and awarded on a first-come, first-served basis in the event that the applicants exceed available funds.

Candidates must maintain a 2.75 GPA, have campus sponsorship, be a second semester sophomore or higher and receive academic credit for the internship at the Washington Center. Arkansas residents have to meet certain criteria that include attending an Arkansas college or institution that grants credit for participation in the internship program and be enrolled in a program that leads to a degree. Additional information is available here.

Workforce Improvement Grant

The Workforce Improvement Grant program is designed for students 24 years or older who are typically the non-traditional student. This program aims to fill the gap of financial need that is not addressed by other federal or state programs.

Arkansas institutions of higher learning receive an allocation of the grants based on their enrollment of non-traditional students. The amount of the grants has a maximum limit of $2,000 per student per year. The grants include funding provided by the state of Arkansas and several federal education programs. Students must submit a FAFSA in order to be considered for the grants. More information is available from the grant program fact sheet at

Ellen Carpenter HBCU Scholarship

Students attending the three Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) in Arkansas can apply for the Ellen Carpenter HBCU Scholarship. The three HBCUs are: Philander Smith College, Arkansas Baptist College, and the University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff.

Applicants must be Arkansas residents and they must submit a typed essay. The amount of award varies from $1,000 up to $5,000 depending on the review of the application and essay by the scholarship committee. Additional information can be obtained by visiting

Arkansas Single Parent Scholarship Fund (ASPSF)

The Arkansas Single Parent Scholarship Fund was established in 1990 to provide support for impoverished single-parent families. The fund works at the county level in Arkansas to develop affiliate scholarships that are coordinated by the local county.

The goal of the scholarship fund is to get local-level involvement and participation to ensure that disadvantaged single parents have the opportunity to achieve an education to enhance future earning potential.

To be eligible for the scholarship, applicants must be economically disadvantaged and have one or more children under eighteen in their custodial care. They must not already have earned a four-year degree or diploma. Additional guidelines vary by county. Applicants should visit the scholarship fund’s website at for more information.

Arkansas Society of Professional Sanitarians Scholarship

The Arkansas Society of Professional Sanitarians offers a scholarship to a student classified as a sophomore or higher enrolled in or planning to enroll in the environmental field. The amount of the scholarship ranges from $250 to $500. Applicants must be Arkansas residents and they must submit an essay detailing their career goals. The application and additional information can be found here.

W.R. ‘Witt’ Stephens Creative Arts Scholarship

This scholarship is sponsored by the Arkansas State Fair and is awarded to an applicant who has exhibited artistic items as part of the Creative Arts Department in the State Fair. Two annual scholarships are awarded in the amount of $2,500 per year.

Eligible applicants must be Arkansas residents, have at least a 2.5 out of 4.0 grade point average and a minimum of 18 on the ACT test. The applicant should also have a financial need and should demonstrate leadership attributes. Additional information about the scholarship program can be obtained on the Arkansas State Fair website.

Dr. Justin Morris Scholarship

The Dr. Justin Morris Scholarship is also sponsored by the Arkansas State Fair. It is targeted towards students that are residents of Arkansas and are enrolled full-time in a horticulture, viticulture, hospitality or food science program. The scholarship program awards one $1,500 scholarship each year. The application can be obtained at the Arkansas State Fair website.

Maurice Smith Scholarship

One $500 scholarship named in honor of Maurice Smith is offered by the Arkansas State Fair to a student that exhibits in the Livestock and Creative Arts areas of the fair. Verification of enrollment is required for the Arkansas resident pursuing a degree at a college or university. The application is available at the Arkansas State Fair website.

R. Preston Woodruff, Jr. Scholarship

The R. Preston Woodruff, Jr. Scholarship is a scholarship offered by the Arkansas Student Loan Authority. Winners of the $1,000 scholarships are selected from a drawing held each year. One of the winners can have the scholarship renewed for the following year based on a 500-word essay.

Eligible entrants must either be Arkansas residents attending a postsecondary institution or they can be out-of-state students attending a college or university in Arkansas. Additional information is provided at

Bethany D. McClendon Scholarship

The Bethany D. McClendon Scholarship is awarded by the Delta Sigma Theta Sorority Incorporated to a qualifying African American female attending graduate or law school at the University of Arkansas. The scholarship awarded by the sorority is at least $1,000 each year. Additional information about the scholarship can be found at

Arkansas Nurses Foundation Research Grant

The Arkansas Nurses Foundation Research Grant is designated for licensed nurses in good standing with the Arkansas Board of Nursing.

The applicants must be graduates of an accredited nursing program. The application process for the grant involves preparing a statement on how the research provided by the grant will be used by Arkansas nurses. A cover letter is also required that identifies the applicant’s career goals and how the research grant will be beneficial to these goals.

Additional research grant information can be obtained at

EWI ASIST Scholarships

The EWI ASIST Scholarships are sponsored by the Executive Women International of Northwest Arkansas with a focus on non-traditional, adult students from northwest Arkansas. Students must demonstrate a financial need, be residents of Northwest Arkansas, be 18 years or older and have social, physical or economic challenges. The amount of the scholarship varies and more information can be obtained on the EWI website.

Arkansas High-Tech Scholarship Program

The scholarships awarded through the Arkansas High-Tech Scholarship Program are geared toward Arkansas residents who are pursuing technology programs at institutions of higher learning. Annual scholarships of $500 are awarded competitively. Applicants must score at least 19 on the ACT test and at least 730 on the SAT test. A list of eligible technical programs and additional information can be found on the program’s website.

Balanced Man Scholarship

Male students enrolled at the University of Arkansas can apply for the Balanced Man Scholarship offered by Sigma Phi Epsilon fraternity.

The Balanced Man Ideal is based on the beliefs of the Ancient Greeks who believed in living a balanced life. Thus, the scholarship is designed to benefit students whose academic performance, achievements and extracurricular activities are compatible with the philosophy of the fraternity and the Balanced Man.

The scholarship’s amount is $1,500. Joining the fraternity is not a requirement to receive the scholarship. Interested applicants can contact the fraternity for additional information at or at (901) 619-3983.

Altrusa International of Fayetteville Scholarship

The Altrusa International of Fayetteville Scholarship honors a past president of the organization. The scholarship was established to provide opportunities for students to accomplish their educational and career goals.

Two $1,500 scholarships are awarded annually. The applicant must be a resident of Washington County, Arkansas, be a single parent with a dependent child and have a total gross income of less than $25,000. They must also be enrolled full-time in post-secondary institution and maintain a 3.0 GPA.

Additional information is available at the Altrusa International, Inc. of Fayetteville website at

Altrusa Financial Aid Scholarship

The Financial Aid Scholarship is also offered by the Altrusa International, Inc. of Fayetteville organization. While it is also only available to residents of Washington County, Arkansas, it is geared toward high school or GED graduates with incomes of less than $20,000. Students must maintain a 3.0 GPA and be a full-time student. Additional information is available at the Altrusa website at

Association of Arkansas Counties Scholarship

For those who are children, grandchildren, adopted or step-children of a current or retired county employee within the state of Arkansas, the Association of Arkansas Counties Scholarship is designated for them. The applicant must have a financial need, demonstrate academic merit, and attend a qualifying college or educational institution. The amount of the award varies and more information can be obtained by contacting the Association of Arkansas Counties at their website at

Fayetteville Evening Lions Club Scholarship

Designated for residents of Washington County, Arkansas, the Fayetteville Evening Lions Club provides a scholarship in amounts up to $750 per semester to students pursuing a baccalaureate degree. To obtain additional information about the scholarship, interested parties can contact Dave Edmark at (479) 575-5647 or by e-mail at

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