Alaska College Grants

The state of Alaska is filled with a diverse array of natural beauty and resources as well as scholarships and grants for prospective college students.

While you might not be aware of it, there are scholarships and grants in Alaska that are available to students just because they are either attending an Alaska college or because they area resident of Alaska.

There are a number of sources that offer grants and scholarships for Alaska students, including schools, private individuals, businesses and state and federal governments.

Alaska Commission on Postsecondary Education

One of the largest sources for locating Alaska grants and scholarships is the Alaska Commission on Postsecondary Education. Of the numerous grants available, one of the most accessible is the AlaskaAdvantage Grant.

This is a state-funded and need-based grant that is available to undergraduate students. All eligible candidates must be residents of Alaska. Awards for this grant typically vary between $500 and $2,000. Applicants can apply for this grant by completing the FAFSA.

Alaska Performance Scholarship

This scholarship is provided for students in Alaska who undertake a specific and rigorous high school curriculum and who also earn at least a 2.5 GPA. Applicants must also perform well on career or college readiness exams. There are three award levels. Applicants must complete the FAFSA to apply.

For more information:

University of Alaska Scholars Program

The goal of this program is to retain college graduates to work in Alaska by rewarding the state’s most outstanding students. The program awards approximately 1,000 scholarships annually. Each scholarship has a value of up to $11,000 per academic year. The scholarships are available for any University of Alaska campus in Fairbanks, Anchorage or Juneau. For more information:

KEF General Scholarships

These scholarships range in value up to $2,500 each. There are multiple recipients annually. KEF General Scholarships are awarded to applicants with a minimum 2.0 GPA who are either shareholders are shareholder descendents. Scholarship deadlines are March 15th for Summer, fall and spring and June 1st for fall and spring funding.


Alyeska Pipeline Service Company offers scholarship funding to support Native Alaskans for education and training. Scholarship funding is limited to undergraduate studies in the following fields: engineering, safety, health, environment, quality, security, inspection professionals, project manager, information technology, business planning and technical positions.

Applicants must have a minimum 2.0 GPA and must be a shareholder or shareholder descendent of Alyeska. These scholarships range in value up to $2,500. There are multiple recipients each year. The deadline to apply is August 10th.


Exxon-Mobil offers educational funding in the form scholarships to students who are studying in fields that are directly related to the oil and gas industry. Applicants must have a minimum 3.0 GPA and be a KEF shareholder or descendent of a KEF shareholder. The deadline to apply is August 10th. Scholarship award amount is $10,000 for one recipient annually.

Larry Matfay

This scholarship provides for one $1,000 scholarship annually. The deadline to apply is August 10th. To qualify, applicants must have at least a 2.5 GPA and must be majoring in history, anthropology, American Indian or Alaska Native studies.

Glenn Godfrey

This scholarship provides for one $5,000 scholarship each year. The deadline to apply is August 10th. Applicants must have at least a 2.5 GPA and be able to demonstrate continued civic duty or community service.

Magnel Larsen Drabek

This scholarship provides for one $2,000 scholarship each year. The deadline to apply is August 10th. Applicants must have a minimum 2.0 GPA to qualify and must major in arts, education or cultural studies.

For more information about these scholarships:

Gear UP Alaska

This is a not-for-profit scholarship program that helps prospective college students. Students can begin receiving assistance to get prepared financially for college as early as the 6th grade. Scholarships are awarded to undergrad students who graduate from a GEAR UP program. These programs offer an augmented study course to ensure students meet certain academic criteria. Eligible candidates must also be enrolling in a college program.

Scholarships range in value up to $7,000 per academic year. Part-time students may be eligible to receive partial scholarships. For more information:

Robert C. Byrd Honors Scholarships

These scholarships are awarded to graduating seniors from high schools in Alaska. Eligible students must have demonstrated academic excellence as well as excellence in volunteerism and leadership. Scholars must also have already been accepted into a university program or undergraduate college. The program or college may be located anywhere in the United States.

All eligible candidates must also have earned top SAT/ACT scores, have superior GPAs and have graduated at the top of their class. Each scholarship recipient will receive a $1,500 scholarship, which is renewable for up to another three years. Students who enroll in a U.S. military academy will not be eligible for this scholarship.

Western Interstate Commission for Higher Education’s Exchange Program

Alaska is also a participant in the Western Interstate Commission for Higher Education or WICHE program. This organization is a conglomeration of fifteen western states that are all committed to offering a higher education to residents in that region of the country.

Undergraduates as well as graduates may attend partner universities and colleges for only a portion of the cost of traditional out-of-state tuition. There are four different WICHE Exchange programs in Alaska. They are:

• Western Undergraduate Exchange
• Western Regional Graduate Program-Master and Doctoral level students
• Professional Student Exchange-Expanded facilities for vocational and technical students
• WWAMI Medical Program-Medical Students

For more information:

Alaska Teacher Education Loans

These loans are a two-fold program that is specifically offered to students from Alaska who are studying to become teachers. The goal of this program is to provide encouragement to students to enter the teaching field as well as remain in the state of Alaska to teach.

Teaching students who are attending a university or college in Alaska are eligible to receive low-interest student loans. Students who agree to exchange a certain number of years of teaching in rural public schools in Alaska may qualify to have their loans forgiven. Candidates should apply directly through their institution. For more information:

Alaska Academic Competitiveness Grant

This grant provides up to $750 for to undergraduate students for their first year of study. Up to $1,300 is provided to undergrad students for their second year of students.

To be eligible students must be enrolled full-time and must also be eligible to receive the Federal Pell Grant as well as successfully completed what is termed to be a rigorous high school program by a local or state education agency.

Alaska International Education Foundation

The AIEF offers limited scholarships and grants to persons who participate in research and education endeavors that are targeted at furthering understanding between the institutions and people of Alaska and other countries. The Foundation supports students for studies in the state of Alaska as well as abroad; including exchange programs.

Alaska Space Grant Program Fellowships

This program offers service-based awards to students who work on projects related to the aerospace industry. The amount of each award varies based on the level of responsibility the student assumes and the scope of the project. For more information:

Alaska American Legion Western District Scholarship

This scholarship program is offered by the American Legion to graduating senior students in the state of Alaska. The deadline for this scholarship is February 15th. For more information:

Elmendorf Officers’ Spouses’ Organization Scholarship

This organization offers scholarships to graduating high school seniors who are the son or daughter of either an active duty or a retired active duty member of the military. Candidates must live in the Anchorage area. This may include the area from Wasilla to Girdwood. The deadline to apply for this scholarship is March 31st. For more information:

Nordic Skiing Association of Anchorage Scholarship

The Nordic Skiing Association of Anchorage awards at least one scholarship per year. The scholarship is for one academic year and can be used for any expenses that are educationally related at any university or college selected by the scholarship winner. Funds are paid directly to the school. The deadline for this scholarship is April 1st. For more information:

Northwest Osteopathic Medical Foundation Scholarship

The Foundation provides scholarship awards for students from the Northwest who are in their second, third or fourth year. The Northwest is defined as Alaska as well as Montana, Idaho, Washington or Oregon. The scholarship is to be used for attending any osteopathic medical school in the U.S., provided it is accredited. For more information:

MGMA Western Section Scholarships

This scholarship is offered to applicants who reside in Alaska as well as several other MGMA Western region states. Applicants must be enrolled in either an undergraduate or graduate degree program that is medical practice related. The deadline to apply is May 1st. For more information:

Aileen Lee Scholarship

This scholarship is available to incoming freshmen students who will be attending the University of Oregon. It is only available to out-of-state students who are starting their first year at UO. The deadline to apply is August 27th.

Alaska Native Tribal Health Consortium

The ANTHC Scholarship Program offers undergraduate as well as graduate scholarships for American Indian/Alaska Natives who are pursuing an education in a health care field. Students must be a permanent resident of Alaska and a full-time student. The amount of the scholarship is $5,000.

For more information:

Aleut Foundation

The Aleut Foundation offers several different scholarships to outstanding Aleuts.

The deadline for fall applications is June 30th. The deadline for spring applications is November 30th. The deadline for summer applications is April 30th.

Lille Hope-McGarvey Health Scholarship Award

Candidates for this scholarship must have a minimum 3.0 GPA. Candidates must also be enrolled full-time and majoring in the health/medical field. Students must be in the second year. This scholarship award is applicable for 2 year and 4 year vocational degrees and graduate and masters degrees.

Gabe Stepetin Business Scholarship Award

Candidates for this scholarship must have a minimum 3.0 GPA. Candidates must also be majoring in the business field and must be in their second year. This scholarship award is applicable for 2 year and 4 year vocational degrees and graduate and masters degrees.

Andrew Gronholdt Arts Scholarship Award

Candidates for this scholarship must have a minimum 3.0 GPA. Candidates must also be majoring in the arts field and must be in their second year. This scholarship award is applicable for 2 year and 4 year vocational degrees and graduate and masters degrees.

For more information:

Doyon Foundation Scholarship

The Doyon Foundation is sponsored by Doyon, Limited. Through this foundation, educational, cultural and career opportunities are provided to enhance the quality of life and identity of Doyon shareholders. To be eligible for a Doyon Foundation scholarship, applicants must be enrolled to Doyon or be the son or daughter of an original enrollee.

Candidates must also be accepted into an accredited vocational/technical school or college/university. Students must also maintain a minimum GPA of 2.0 for undergrads or 3.0 for graduate/master’s studies. Scholarships range in value from $2,000 to $7,000 and are awarded annually.

The foundation also offers basic scholarship that range from $400 per semester for part-time students and $800 per semester for full-time students. The deadline for competitive scholarships is April 15th. The deadline for basic scholarships is March 15th for the summer semester, April 15th for the fall semester and November 15th for the spring semester. For more Information:

Sealaska Heritage Institute

Sealaska Heritage Institute offers scholarship awards to shareholders who are Alaska Natives. Qualified applicants must be admitted into or accepted into an accredited university or college and be a full-time student. The scholarship deadline is March 1st. Award amounts are based on the amounts funds available and the number of students who apply. For more information:

Calista Scholarship Fund

The goal of this scholarship fund is to promote self-determination as well as cultural pride while educating tomorrow’s leaders. Scholarships are not restricted to particular fields of study. To qualify, students must be accepted into an accredited school and must also be either an Alaska Native Shareholder or a lineal descendent of an Alaska Native Shareholder who also has connections to the Calista Region.

Applicants must also have a high school diploma or GED along with a minimum 2.0 GPA. The deadline to apply is June 30th. For more information:

Robert Aqquluk Newlin, Sr. Memorial Trust Fund

This scholarship fund is administered in honor Robert Aqqaluk Newlin, Sr. This trust is one of the largest sources of educational funding in the NANA region today. Scholarships are awarded to NANA shareholders as well as their dependents and descendents. Through this trust, financial support is provided for associate’s degrees, bachelor’s degrees, master’s degrees and doctoral degrees. Support is also provided for vocational training. Scholarships are based on prior academic performance, commitment to Inupiaq values and financial need. Scholarship deadlines are: August 1st, November 1st, January 1st, March 1st and June 1st. For more information:

Arctic Education Foundation

The Arctic Education Foundation offers financial funding for individuals who have geographic and ancestral ties to the Inupiats people of the Arctic Slope region of Alaska. Scholarship awards are primarily based on need. Scholarships are awarded for training programs consisting of two years or less, 4-year degree programs and graduate programs.

Application deadlines are August 1st, December 1st, March 1st and May 1st. The foundation also offers the Anagi Leadership Award, which covers tuition as well as fees, books, room and board up to a total of $20,000 annually. The deadline for this award is April 15th. In addition, there are three leadership awards that are offered per village located on the Arctic Slope. Principals, teachers and counselors may nominate students for these awards.

Chugach Heritage Foundation

CHF administers a scholarship program as a way of preserving and promoting awareness of native cultures throughout the Chugach Region. Support is offered to students who are seeking associate’s, bachelor’s, master’s or doctoral degrees as well as job training and vocational training. Students seeking a one to two year certificate are eligible to receive up to $4,800 per year. Junior and senior level undergraduate students seeking a bachelor’s degree are eligible to receive up to $6,800 per year. Undergrad students who earn at least a 3.5 GPA are also eligible to receive a $1,200 annual bonus. Graduate students are eligible to receive $12,000 per year.

Students enrolled in vocational training are eligible to receive a maximum of $4,000 per year. The application for students enrolled in the fall semester is August 15th. To be eligible for these scholarships, applicants must be a legal descendent or an original shareholder of Chugach Alaska Corporation or an original shareholder. For more information:

Kuskokwim Educational Foundation, Inc.

The mission of the Kuskokwim Foundation is to provide educational assistance to Natives of the region and their descendents. The Foundation offers four different types of scholarships. They include general scholarships for university and college courses as well as exchange-student programs, continuing education and vocational education. The foundation also offers the Mary Morgan-Wolf Memorial Scholarship for students who will be entering a health field.

The Nick Mellick Memorial Scholarship is specifically for students in the health field. The Suulutaag Construction Scholarship is for students who are interested in electrical, heavy equipment, carpentry, etc. trades. To be eligible for these scholarships, students must be in good academic standing. Scholarships are awarded twice per year; on July 1st and December 1st. Scholarship awards are typically for one year and may range in value from $100 to $1,500. Financial need is a consideration in determining award amounts.

For more information:

Chugiak-Eagle River Foundation

This foundation offers a scholarship for up to $1,500. To qualify for the scholarship, applicants must be a resident of Chugiak-Eagle River. Board members or dependents of board members are not eligible. Applicants must be seniors graduating from a secondary school in Alaska or attending or planning to attend a vocational school or college. The deadline to apply is April 15th.

For more information:

The CIRI Foundation

The CIRI Foundation offers a scholarship program for Alaskan Natives who are either original enrollees or who are direct descendents of Eklutna, Inc. original enrollees. The deadline to apply for this scholarship is December 1st. For more information:

The Eyak Foundation

The Eyak Foundation provides financial aid to eligible students who plan to take courses that will prepare them for careers beyond high school or who are already taking such courses. The number of scholarships awarded and the amounts awarded each year vary based on the number of eligible applicants as well as the amount of funds available each year. Applications are accepted twice per year.

The spring deadline is March 15th and the fall deadline is October 31st. To be eligible for scholarships, applicants must be able to demonstrate financial need, have a high school diploma or GED and be a Native Eyak Corporation shareholder or descendent of a Native shareholder. For more information,

The SNA Foundation

The SNA Foundation offers educational benefits to Alaska Native shareholders and their descendents and spouses. Applicants must also be enrolled as a full-time student or accepted into a two or four-year undergraduate or graduate degree program. Applicants need not be Alaska residents to qualify. Scholarship funds may be used for tuition, fees and room/board.

Applications must be postmarked by July 1st to be considered. For more information:

The Homer Foundation

The Homer Foundation administers gifts and awards from businesses, individuals, organizations and foundations that are intended to benefit the lower Kenai Peninsula of Alaska. A number of different scholarships are provided for through the foundation.

The Alain and Daniel Rieser Scholarship

The Tin Roof Fund supports this scholarship through the provision of a single $3,000 scholarship each year. This scholarship can be used for the costs associated with attending college while pursuing foreign language study or for attending a cultural immersion/language experience program in a foreign country. To be eligible, applicants must be a senior of Homer High School. Applications must be delivered by April 21st.

The Diane Wambach Shoot For The Stars Scholarship

Established in memory of Diane Wamback, the goal of this scholarship is to support young people who are in pursuit of career and educational goals. The scholarship provides for a $1,000 scholarship each year, with funds to be used for expenses associated with attending a technical training or college program. Applicants must be a high school, alternative, home school or flex school program within the Homer Foundation area. The scholarship deadline is April 21st.

The Health Care Providers Scholarship

This scholarship program supports high school graduates of the lower Kenai Peninsula who are pursuing a career in the health care or a related field at a technical or professional school. Applicants are allowed to apply for the scholarship in any year of study; however, applicants may receive the award only once. The amount of the award depends upon fund availability. The scholarship deadline is April 21st.

Homer Community Science Scholarship

This scholarship program was established by Stan Eller, a teacher at Homer High School, for the purposes of encouraging graduating seniors to pursue an education in life sciences. Applicants must be seniors at Homer High School who plan to pursue a science degree. The deadline to apply is April 21st.

Kachemak Bay Medical Clinic Scholarship

This scholarship was established by Kachemak Bay Medical Clinic and Dr. Paul Raymond in order to provide financial assistance to a graduating senior from the local Homer area. Applicants should have demonstrated school/community service and academic excellence along with a strong work ethic.

Eligible applicantsmust also have maintained a minimum 3.0 GPA throughout high school. No GEDs accepted. Scholarship funds may be used for paying tuition and school related expenses at any accredited 4-year college or university. The amount of the scholarship is $2,000 and will be distributed in $500 amounts over a period of four years, provided the student remains enrolled full-time. Funds are paid directly to the school. The deadline to apply is April 21st.

A.W. Bill Johnson Teacher Education Scholarship

This scholarship is given in memory of Bill Johnson, a teacher, coach and counselor to students at Homer High School. The amount of the scholarship is dependent upon availability of funds. The typical amount is $1,000. Eligible applicants must be a resident of the greater Homer area and must be pursuing a career in teaching. The scholarship deadline is April 21st.

Beluga Tale/Tail Writing Scholarships

These scholarships are supported by the Tin Roof Foundation. The Fund provides for two $3,000 scholarship awards issued annually for students with a demonstrated skill for writing. Funds may be used for expenses associated with continuing education costs at a two year or four year college/university or attendance in a nationally recognized writing program. Eligible applicants must be a graduating senior of Homer High School. The scholarship deadline is April 21st.

For more information on these scholarships:

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