Study Skills and Other Helpful Resources for College Students

Attending college for the first time is an exciting, yet daunting, prospect. College students have a lot more freedom than high school students, which means they can make their own decisions. This is a double-edged sword, as many new college students are not used to taking responsibility for their daily schedules and their academic achievements. Developing good study skills is one of the best ways to achieve success in college and create a bright outlook for the future. Developing good writing skills and learning how to take tests will help college students get the best grades possible, improving their chances of winning scholarships or getting hired for good jobs immediately after graduation. Success in college also depends on good time management. When a college student manages his or her time well, there is enough time for studying and socializing. Poor time management makes it difficult to balance the academic demands of college with the desire to have a social life.

These resources offer practical information and tips on developing good study skills. Some of the resources include templates to help students plan their schedules or record their study time. This list of resources also includes articles on giving presentations, conducting research, and preparing for life after college. All of this information can help college students succeed in school and after graduation.


  • Taking Lecture and Class Notes: This resource from the Dartmouth Academic Skills Center offers tips for taking notes in class. This page also offers handouts for students to download.
  • Sharpen Your Note-Taking Skills (PDF): This guide explains how to take notes effectively. One of the tips offered is to use a three-ring binder instead of a spiral notebook, as this makes it easier to add or delete notes.
  • Five Note-Taking Methods (PDF): This resource outlines the five different note-taking methods typically used by college students.
  • The Cornell Note-Taking System (PDF): This guide explains how to use the Cornell note-taking system to take notes effectively.
  • Note-Taking Overview: This resource explains why note-taking is important.


Study Skills

Writing Skills

  • Guide to Grammar and Writing: This site contains information about developing good writing skills. It also offers interactive grammar quizzes for students who need to improve their writing skills.
  • Writing Tips: This article includes 10 tips for good writing in college.
  • Writing in College: This in-depth guide contains information to help college students develop their writing strategies.
  • How to Write an Abstract: This article explains how to write an abstract for a research paper.
  • Collection of Writing Tips: This page links to dozens of tips for writing college papers.

Time Management


Presentation Skills

Preparing for the Future

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  1. Brooke says:

    I wanted to list this URL on my college’s website as a resource for our students, however, when you click on some of your links they do not go to the information listed. For example, under Presentation Skills the Poster Presentation tips URL does not link to the appropriate information and under Preparing for the Future, 3 out of the 5 URLs don’t work/link to anything. As you can see, I started at the bottom of the page, which means there are probably others. Please go through the page and correct the errors because it looks like this website could be a great resource for students. Thank you.

    response: Thanks for the feedback Brooke! It seems like a few of those pages went away in the 18 months since we published this post. We fixed those issues.

  2. Brenna Dixon says:

    Hi, thanks for all the resources! The only thing was that most of them are not available anymore, but I will be utilizing the ones still available.

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